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Pigee is driving growth through technology and innovation to create solutions that serve the needs of tourists, shoppers, vendors and small businesses around the world.

The more specific and narrow your startup’s market positioning the better because when you speak to everyone you end up speaking to no one.

Pigee Founder

Meet the founder.

We are the right team to fix this problem. We have domain experience on the complicated parts of this process. Especially logistics, FX, algorithm creation and consumer UX. We are a highly motivated and a close team that eats sleeps and drinks the Pigee Cool-Aid 7 days a week.

Founder: Leroy Lawrence is an award-winning CEO and 4x founder with a long experience in global start-ups. Hailing from the capital markets and FinTech space, focused on sales and vision. The first black founder of a UK regulated stockbrokers.

Head of Product: Nickson Zachary is a digital start-up specialist and hackathon winner with a degree in Biochemistry from JKUAT.  Experienced in start-up brand development, implementing, and supporting complex infrastructures for fast growing start-ups.  Winner of Kenya MPrenuer start-up award.

Interim CTO: Balaji Sharma is a customer focused developer with broad experience of leadership and logistics development. He also has a Masters in Machine Learning from Liverpool University and an MBA from AIB in Australia.

Digital Marketing Lead: Olaleye Abiola (Tobi) is a Digital marketing whizz with experience across the US, Middle East and Africa and an MBA from the University of South Wales.

Legal Counsel (Advisor) – Data and Privacy. Sharon Thomas is an Experienced Commercial Lawyer focused on the tech space. Former VP and European Counsel of GENPACT and Accenture Legal Director.

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Corporate Responsibility

we believe that sustainability is integral to the success of our business. Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting outlines the many ways in which Pigee builds value and, through its core business and social impact activities, helps to make the world a better place.

We believe that safeguarding personal information, creating and enforcing data privacy and security policies, and building new privacy-enhancing technologies put our customers in control.

Different approaches and opinions are encouraged, then we come together and build.

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    A one-of-a-kind Travel Companion

    The Pigee App enables tourists to purchase as many products as they like. From any street market or shop they visit in the world and have the products conveniently sent directly to their home.

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